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Interactive 3D model

The 3STATEⓇ platform provides you with access to an empty 3D model of the home that you want to sell and one that is decorated. The 3D model provides interactivity. Not only can you walk around, you can also alter the entire interior!

Access the platform anywhere

3STATEⓇ is a web based platform. That means that you have access to the platform anywhere and anytime. On your computer, tablet, and even on your smartphone. No downloads required. You just need to log in.

Download promotional material

The platform provides you instantly with access to all the promotional material. Happy with the interior? Then you can download high quality renders. And make use of the link to the virtual tour, for instance on your website.

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What can you alter?

Decorate a dream home

Choose your colors

Colors are very defining. In the 3STATEⓇ platform, you can easily alter the color of every wall. You can choose from 380 different colors!

Choose your materials

Would a wooden floor or a floor of natural stone fit better in the living room? And what materials would you like to use for the baseboards or frames?

Decorate & alter

Decorate and alter the interior of the 3D model to taste, where and whenever you want.

Furniture for the finishing touch

A house will only become a home with the right furniture. In the 3STATEⓇ platform, you can choose from a lot of different items of furniture.

Decorate to taste

You can place the furniture wherever you want. You can decorate the entire home to taste and alter as much as you like.

Promote professionally

Professional promotional material for your website and social media channels.

2D floor plan

You will also find a 2D floor plan of the home in the 3STATEⓇ platform. You will also find the link to the virtual tour in the platform.

Virtual tour

You can navigate freely through all the rooms of the 3D model of the house. In the platform, you can also find a link to the virtual tour.

Virtual tour

Virtual tour for a realistic image of the (future) home.

We gladly show you all possibilities!

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