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Renovatieproject 3D visualisatie Visualisatie Renovatieproject 3D

Show the possibilities of a renovation project

With the 3STATE platform you can show the true possibilities of existing homes. Will the project be thoroughly renovated? Our 3D visualizations provide a realistic image of what the homes will look like. They can even be virtually altered to taste. From the floors and walls to the furniture and accessories. Instead of just showing static atmospheric images or the current state, you show the houses the way the buyers really envision it.


Let buyer choose their dream home

3STATE® is thé innovative sales tool of the moment. You do not longer need to let your buyers “guess” which home in the project fits them best. Nowadays, they choose their dream home themselves! Because home buyers can already decorate their future home, they already get a feel for the home in advance. Do they prefer a white or colored wall? And does wood or natural stone fit better in the living room? With 3STATE®, they know exactly what the possibilities are.

Receive professional promotional material

  • A modern-styled 3D model in which the user can navigate freely on laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • An empty 3D model that you can decorate entirely to your taste
  • 5 high quality renders
  • Floor plan with the surface measurement per space
  • A virtual tour through the house or apartment

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This is how it works

6 steps to 3D visualization

Wijzigingen afstemmen

Discuss changes

In the first fase, we discuss what structural changes need to be implemented in the project. Which renovations are planned? Is there only need for visualization of the interior or also of the exterior? Based on the wishes, a quotation will be made.

3D scan op locatie

3D scan on location

Next, an appointment will be made in order to make a 3D scans on location. Good to know: the residents do not have to do anything! As opposed to when pictures are made, the houses do not even have to be tidied. Our equipment only makes a 3D scan of the structure of the project.

Omzetting naar 3D model

Conversion to 3D model

The 3D scans are converted to empty 3D models of the project. This happens automatically.

3D model inrichten

Decoration & renovation

We discuss again which renovations are taking place exactly. We also discuss what style you would like for the interior (modern, classic, rural, etc.). Our (interior)architects will get started with the design. Do you have specific wishes regarding the decoration? Of course we will take those into account.


Promotional material

The 3D model has been made and decorated. Now we take care of the professional promotional material. We make high resolution renders and a virtual tour through the apartment or house.

Toegang 3D platform

Access platform

Lastly, you as a client will get access to the platform and the promotional material. You can access the platform anytime, anywhere. On your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. And you can use the promotional material in your own channels, such as your website or social media.

Why others choose 3STATE®

What our clients think

"When working on a dynamic project, we do not need to order new drawings for every presentation at the municipality anymore. On top of that, 3STATEⓇ also delivers much better quality than our previous suppliers, for a better price."
Gilles Delaunoit – K&W Construction
K&W Construction
"Sometimes, we deal with interiors that are difficult to sell. With 3STATE®, we can easily present a cleaner, more modern interior."
Stijn Janssens – Co/coon
“We asked ourselves the following: what is the newest of the newest on the real estate market? Because that is what we want to offer our clients."
Kris Vansteenvoort – Hello Home
Hello Home
“I would definitely recommend 3STATE®. It provides beautiful 3D- and reference images. I find the decoration to be very realistic too.”
Elke Neeskens – Immosign+
"Sometimes, we deal with interiors that are difficult to sell. With 3STATE®, we can easily present a cleaner, more modern interior."
Benjamin Kempenaers – BMK Vastgoed
"The collaboration with 3STATE® was excellent! Everything runs very smooth and all our feedback is really taken into account."
An Beenders & Eline Brusten – Immo Beenders
Immo Beenders

We gladly show you all possibilities!

Want to know more about the possibilities of 3STATE® for real estate? Or do you want to make an appointment for a demo on location?