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Now that the real estate market is gradually slowing down, real estate agents and project developers face a more challenging sales process. Increased competition and diminishing demand require an investment in sales strategies and technological solutions in order to speed up and ease the sales process.

Potential buyers have full schedules and often lack time to view properties. At the same time, we notice that buyers take longer before they are able to make a purchase decision. Seeing these developments, it is now more important than ever for real estate agents and project developers to provide the right tools and resources to these potential buyers, in order for them to make their decision with confidence.

Decrease the length of the orientation phase and stimulate viewings

With today’s generous housing stock, potential buyers often lack the time to visit each residence personally. It can take a long time before viewings can be scheduled, and even after the viewing most buyers will not be able to make an immediate purchase decision. The result: a lengthy customer journey, hindering the entire process for buyers, real estate agents and project developers.

Luckily, a digital solution is available, implementing a platform which offers buyers a detailed impression of the residence early on in the process. 3STATEⓇ provides an interactive 3D model of the residence, offering a multitude of posibilities. With this platform, potential buyers are able to explore a fully furnished model of the residence, take a virtual tour or even adjust different elements of the model (such as the ceiling colours, wallpaper colours, flooring and furniture) by themselves.

That way, interested parties can easily get a clear impression of the residence and are able to autonomously explore all posibilities of their new living space. This allows them to view the residence in person later on being fully prepared, easing the conclusive viewing process and increasing the odds of reaching a faster purchase decision.

Facilitate multiple decision makers at the same time

The purchase of a new residence often involves multiple decision makers. And having multiple parties involved often complicates the sales process. Attempting to plan a viewing now involves comparing everyone’s busy schedule in order to reach an agreeable date. In this situation, it no longer suffices to only provide traditional 2D photographic imagery of the residence to all involved parties beforehand.

By offering high quality 3D renders and by providing the possibility of taking a virtual tour of the residence, the sales process can once again be simplified. The impressive 3D models and virtual tours offer an easier way for all involved parties to discuss the property beforehand. The adjustability of the model further eases this process. That way, all involved decision makers can partake in the decision making progress in a well informed manner, easing the entire process for all parties.

Staying ahead of your competition

The real estate market might be slowing down, but your competitors surely won’t. It remains to be a highly competitive market, and both real estate agents and project developers need to stay on top of their game in order to thrive.

Besides aspects such as your location and the reputation of your organisation, the implemented technological solutions of your choosing are key elements in gaining the upper hand against your compettion. Real estate agents and project developers who implement modern technological solutions help save potential buyers valuable time and ease the customer journey. Companies who provide more information and insights through digital channels and modern platforms outperform their competition.

By supplying your team of real estate agents and developers with a powerful platform such as 3STATE, you will prove to be a serious contender within the real estate market. And soon after the implementation, you will notice how the detailed 3D renders, 3D models and virtual tours ensure a smoother process for both the real estate agents / developers and the buyer.

Showing multiple properties simultaneously

Even real estate agents have limited time each day to do their job. They have to arrange viewings, keep in touch with potential buyers, provide information about  residences, while simultaneously needing to research new properties to add to the market.

Thus, virtual support coming from a platform such as 3STATE provides substantial time savings. An open house is no longer a one-time event; with 3STATE you are able to offer an open house which is always available for viewing, 24 hours a day! HD renders and virtual tours are easily shared with potential buyers and can also be used as professional promotional material. That way, you are able to provide viewings of multiple properties at the same time, regardless of the location!

The best visuals are needed to stay ahead of your competition

In the highly competitive real estate market, traditional imagery no longer suffices to truly convince potential buyers. The 3D models of 3STATE are developed based on 3D scans of the actual property or by utilizing highly detailed 2D floor plans. This way, a true to life virtual representation of the residence can be realised. The high adaptability of the models ensure that every buyer will be able to identify themselves with the look and feel of the property, increasing the odds of a successful match. And the availability of a virtual tour will further add to easing the sales process.

Do you wish to learn more about the 3STATE platform? Explore the possibilities of the platform through our demo, or contact us. We would love to show you all the functionalities!

Thé innovation for real estate professionals

Imagine that your clients could already decorate the house of their dreams before they bought it. Or before the house is even built. Would that help buyers to make a more informed decision? And make you, as a real estate agent or project developer, sell the house faster?

The interactive 3D models of 3STATE make this possible!