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As a realtor, you are always looking at the latest real estate trends. There is a lot of competition on the market and everyone is looking to be distinctive. One of the greatest real estate trends at the moment is 3D. How can you effectively respond to that? In this article, we give you 3 tips for more distinctiveness with 3D.

1. 3D seamlessly connects to the need of the market

Many homebuyers are young and they have been raised in a largely digital world. They are prominently present online and they are good at finding and comparing information on houses.

Do you want to stand out with your portfolio? 3D provides a great opportunity to get the attention of young homebuyers. Providing nice 2D photos is not distinctive anymore but a minimum requirement, since everyone provides them. With a 3D virtual tour, you can create a better experience.

2. With 3D, the homebuyer discovers the ‘real’ value of a house

3D tours offer potential homebuyers so much more than the static 2D photos. Imagine that you are looking for a new house. The first steps in your customer journey often look as follows:

  1. You visit an online marketplace for houses
  2. Then, you put a few filters in (think of location, price, size, type of house, etc.)
  3. After that, you look at the results and choose a house that seems to meet your requirements

After these first steps, you look at the photos of the house. You see beautiful, professional 2D photos of a large living room. You click further and look at other photos. The house seems to fit your wishes seamlessly and you already picture yourself living there.

This picture is, however, merely based on static 2D photos that often do not show the ‘real’ truth of the house. During the viewing, expectations are not being met and the buyer is disappointed. In other words: the house is not being sold and a lot of time and energy has been wasted.

Provide a realistic experience with virtual 3D tours

During a 3D tour, the potential buyer can discover the details of a house in a realistic manner. It is like you are really there. In that way, you can really judge the size of the living room, for instance. By navigating in 360 degrees, you can see how the entire kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom look.

Eventually, an emotional connection is being formed with the house. The buyers can already see themselves living in the house. What is the impact of 3D tours on realtors? A significant rise in the number of qualitative applications through viewings. And therefore also more sales of houses.

3. A step further? Real-time visualizations during a viewing!

Are you looking for even more distinctiveness? What if you could alter the house real-time during a viewing? Alter in a way that visualizes the dreamhouse of the buyer? Especially when the property does not look appealing due to the interior, for instance, but the space does have potential.

The 3State® platform makes this unique innovation possible. Because of making real-time alterations to the 3D model, according to taste, selling a house becomes much easier for realtors. Even furniture and accessories: everything can be composed completely based on the ideal image of the buyer.

More distinctiveness with 3D?

Are you ready for more distinctiveness as a realtor with 3D? We would love to show you all the possibilities of the 3State® platform. Contact us for the possibilities.

Thé innovation for real estate professionals

Imagine that your clients could already decorate the house of their dreams before they bought it. Or before the house is even built. Would that help buyers to make a more informed decision? And make you, as a real estate agent or project developer, sell the house faster?

The interactive 3D models of 3STATE make this possible!