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Finding your dream house is no easy task. Are you looking at existing buildings? In that case, you need to look past the interior and stuff of other people. That makes it difficult to see if you can transform the house to a place that makes you happy. Are you interested in new construction? In that case, the building often does not even exist before you buy the place. How would you know if you want to live there for years?

With the help of 3STATE® you will know for sure! You can virtually decorate houses that are being sold with the platform. Therefore, you can try out all the possibilities of a house before you decide to buy. In this article, we will tell you all about the possibilities of 3STATE®.

Walk around in new construction projects

It is difficult to imagine what a new construction project will look like when it is finished. By using 3D renders that are being made, you can try to picture the future house. Sometimes, a video is made that will give you a tour through a possible interior of the house.

The problem with these images is that they are very limited. As a buyer, you can only see what is being presented in the renders or video. Ideally, you would want to walk around through the house as you would during a viewing in real life. This is possible with the 3STATE® platform! You can virtually walk around in an empty as a decorated 3D model of the house. Therefore, it is much easier to estimate if the house will be the right fit for you.

3D platform plattegrond

Play around with the interior

The 3STATE® platform does not only provide the possibility to walk around in a 3D model, but also to decorate this to your own taste. Images that are being made for new construction projects are often only available in 1 or 2 interior styles. However, you want to know what the house will look like in your own preferred style.

When you need to wait before you can move in your new construction home, it is also nice that you can play around with the interior. In that way, you can decide the floors, colors on the walls, or kitchen you need to go for. This helps you transform the house into your dream house even faster.

3D platform kies meubels

Viewing 2.0

Are you looking for an existing house? Of course, in this case you can view the house in real life. However, the interior belongs to someone else and maybe you have renovating plans. Even during a real life viewing, it can be difficult to see if you can eventually turn the house into your dream house.

Does the realtor use the 3STATE® platform? Than it is possible to directly virtually alter the interior in the 3D model during the viewing. Is the color on the walls not to your liking? Would you like to see the house with another kitchen or other floors? Everything is adjusted in no time!

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Buy your dream house?

More and more often, the 3STATE® platform is being used in the process to sell houses. Would you like to virtually walk around in the house and play with the interior during your search? Ask your realtor or project developer about the possibilities.

Thé innovation for real estate professionals

Imagine that your clients could already decorate the house of their dreams before they bought it. Or before the house is even built. Would that help buyers to make a more informed decision? And make you, as a real estate agent or project developer, sell the house faster?

The interactive 3D models of 3STATE make this possible!