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As a real estate agent, your job is to sell houses. Preferably as quickly as possible and for the best prizes. In the competitive market of today, that is not always easy. However, with the right strategies, insights and tactics, you can sell more houses and sell them faster than the competition. That is why we share 4 ways to sell houses quicker in this blog.

1. Connect with the target audience

An emerging group of home buyers are millennials. These people, born between 1981 and 1986, are looking for their first house. The impact of this group on the market is increasing. Therefore this is an interesting niche for real estate agents to focus on.

In order to reach this target audience, you need to be present online. Millennials are very much online oriented. They are technically skilled and know how they can find and compare information. In other words: before they contact you, they have done their homework.

The best way to get the attention of millennials, is by making use of varied visual material. Therefore, always have your entire residential offer photographed professionally.

2. Don’t waste time: provide buyers with a realistic image of the house

For many people, the internet is where the first encounter of a house takes place. Images play a crucial role in this. It is, however, not always possible to get a realistic picture of a house through 2D images. This is because a static image does not reveal the depth of a room. This creates an impression of a home that often turns out not to be true during a visit.

The solution to this problem is 3D. 3D virtual tours ensure that the home buyer experiences a house online as it really is. The buyer can rotate 360 degrees and thus take in every detail of a room.

3. Use Facebook

Does your real estate agency already have its own Facebook page? Facebook is a great opportunity to increase your reach online. In addition, it is an ideal way to get in direct contact with home buyers. Get involved in conversations with people and answer questions. Take photos of homes and film tours. Then share the photos and videos on Facebook.

4. The viewing: design a dream house in real time?

Do you have a number of houses that have potential, but are not sold because of the interior? What if you could design the dream home of the potential buyer in real-time during a visit? This is possible with the 3STATE® platform.

In 3STATE® you can decorate the entire house to the taste of the potential buyer. From the colors of the wall to the floor, the furniture and accessories. This means you never have to say during a visit: ” Sorry, but you have to look through it for a moment. “

Discover the possibilities of the 3STATE® platform

With these tips you can immediately start to sell houses even faster. Are you curious about the possibilities of the 3STATE® platform? Contact us! We would like to show you the possibilities.

Thé innovation for real estate professionals

Imagine that your clients could already decorate the house of their dreams before they bought it. Or before the house is even built. Would that help buyers to make a more informed decision? And make you, as a real estate agent or project developer, sell the house faster?

The interactive 3D models of 3STATE make this possible!