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For real estate agents it is important to build a strong brand. The market is competitive and everyone has seemingly equivalent offerings. What makes your agency special? How do you want people to remember you? In other words, how can you differentiate your agency? In this blog we share 4 tips that will help agents to build a strong enduring brand.

Tip 1: What do home buyers want?

The first step is understanding the needs of homebuyers. What do they want? How can you facilitate the ideal customer journey? Where can you find them?

These days, many people start their search for a house online. A logical first step is searching in Google for: ‘how to sell my house’, ‘home listings’, ‘home selling tips’, etc.

During this exploratory phase, the homebuyer or seller is looking for information. He or she is looking for answers to their questions. Make sure you are offering information that answers these questions. But also don’t forget to share information on the things that people do not immediately ask questions about. If you are transparent and sharing knowledge, you will be perceived as proactive, concerned and trustworthy.

Tip 2: Increase your reach

Is your agency present online? For example, are you active on social media? In that case, you should post regularly because it will increase your online reach. Further, it is possible to add a Q&A to your website. Answering relevant customer questions makes your website relevant for homebuyers and sellers.

Tip 3: How strong is your website?

A good website is necessary for a real estate agency. Does everything look clean? Are visitors able to find the most important information easily? Asking yourself these types of questions will guide you towards reconsidering the basics. And that is important because, despite the importance of the website, it is usually something does not receive enough attention.

Tip 4: Invest in new innovations!

How innovative is your real estate agency? A big innovative opportunity is 3D virtual tours. These tours can be used as great marketing material. It shows the homebuyer the real value of the house. In contrast, 2D pictures are static and do not provide a realistic representation of a house. As a result, two unfortunate situations will usually occur:

  1. Certain houses will, despite their value, not sell because the 2D picture did not show the true value.
  2. Since 2D pictures are static, it is hard to get a realistic representation of the house. This results in certain expectations (e.g. the size of a room). During a home viewing, the potential buyers will realize that their expectations do not match with the reality. In other words, they will be disappointed.

3D virtual tours offer real estate agents more distinctive value. However, 3D is more than just 3D tours. What do you think about real-time modifications? 3STATE® is the only platform that allows you to change the interior of a house towards the taste of potential home buyers. From the furniture, accessories and the even the floor.

Do you want to know more about 3D software? Please contact us for more information. We would like to show you all the possibilities of the 3STATE® platform.

Thé innovation for real estate professionals

Imagine that your clients could already decorate the house of their dreams before they bought it. Or before the house is even built. Would that help buyers to make a more informed decision? And make you, as a real estate agent or project developer, sell the house faster?

The interactive 3D models of 3STATE make this possible!