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K&W Construction started a large project in 2013. Quartier Heris would get 139 apartments, a retirement home and 52 houses. However, the project changed regularly, which created the necessary challenges when visualizing the project. In this case, you can read how those challenges were overcome with the 3STATE platform.

Challenge: 3D visualization of a dynamic project

The dynamic nature of the Quartier Heris project made visualization difficult. Each time, new 3D drawings had to be made to be presented to the municipality or other parties. Not only was that very cumbersome, but also very expensive. K&W Construction actually needed 3D visualizations that you can easily adjust.

Heris exterieur   Heris interieur

That’s how they came into contact with 3STATE . One of the most important advantages of the platform is that you can adjust the 3D models yourself, anywhere and anytime! Initially it was only possible to alter the interior according to taste. But due to the demand from K&W Construction, we also started looking at the possibilities to adjust the exterior. That turned out to be possible and we turned the 3STATE platform into a great solution for dynamic projects!

Never having to redo 3D drawings

The collaboration between K&W Construction and 3STATE means that for Quartier Heris, 3D drawings will never have to be made again. If something changes, it can easily be adjusted in the 3STATEⓇ platform. Certainly with a large project of almost 200 homes, this saves a lot of time and costs.

“Nowadays it is necessary to use 3D in the sale of houses. When we got to know 3STATE, it soon became clear that their platform could solve the problem that a dynamic project poses for 3D drawing. Now we do not need to have new drawings made for each presentation at the municipality.

3STATE also delivers much better quality than our previous suppliers, at a better price. The cooperation is going very well and there is regular contact via email or phone. 3STATE is very motivated and precise. I have already recommended the platform to many other real estate professionals! ”

Gilles Delaunoit – K&W Construction

Exterieur 3D   Exterieur 3D

Application of the platform

With the 3STATE platform, K&W Construction can process small adjustments directly in the 3D models. Consider, for example, solar panels or the color of the tiles or bricks. The images from the platform can therefore be used perfectly in presentations to the government. They are also used on the website and as promotional material on Facebook.

Do you also need dynamic 3D visualization?

Do you need 3D visualization for a dynamic project? With the 3STATE platform you can virtually adapt new construction projects as much as you like. That way you don’t need to have a new drawing made for every small change.

Also interested in architecture visualization with the 3STATE platform? Contact us for the possibilities or make an appointment without obligation for a demo on location.