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For 3STATE, Immo Beenders is one of our first clients. Since the platform is launched, we have been working together with the innovative real estate agency. Immo Beenders is always looking for new possibilities in order to provide the best real estate service. In this case, you can read how the 3STATE platform helps to innovate Immo Beenders. But this innovation also works the other way around!

Challenge: First visualisation of new construction project

At first, 3STATE was mainly used in order to make architecture visualisations of existing houses. However, Immo Beenders was looking for a new way to market a new construction project. The question was if we could help them. Of course! Because why wouldn’t it be possible to use the same techniques that we are already using in existing buildings, in new construction projects?

Immo Beenders

At first, we checked all the floorplans in order to see if all requirements for the 3D models were met (think of the presence of all measures). After that, one of our 3D artists could get to work. Every apartment, the exterior, and a part of the surroundings were modelled. Time for a round of feedback! This was the first moment that the apartments could be visited individually. This provided also a great moment to share ideas in order to create the best possible interior.

The next step was decorating the apartments in the best way possible. We took all the fixed characteristics of the apartments (think of tiles, doors, bathroom and kitchen) into account but also the desired style. In this case, a modern style was chosen. There was also room for feedback of the team of Immo Beenders in this fase. The collaboration between Immo Beenders and 3STATE was very satisfactory. Therefore we decided to make new construction a permanent part of our product offer!

“We have used 3STATE for multiple projects and buildings and will definitely keep using it in the future. The innovativeness of the platform was the fact that convinced us in the first place. We also liked the fact that clients can play with the interior themselves.

After that, the collaboration with 3STATE turned out to be great! Everything runs smoothly and they instantly take all our feedback into account. That is why we are confident that we will make only more and better use of the platform in the future.”

An Beenders & Eline Brusten – Immo Beenders

Promotional material for new construction

With the material of 3STATE, Immo Beenders created an entire website for the new construction project. The renders and virtual tours that are shown on the website are all coming from the 3STATE platform. And interested buyers can immediately decorate their favourite apartment to their own taste via a link to the platform. In that way, Immo Beenders kan promote the Stationspark in Maaseik in a very innovative way.

Immo Beenders 3STATEⓇ

The Superman-button was born

The collaboration with 3STATE makes sure that Immo Beenders can offer its real estate services in an innovative way. But that is not all. It also makes sure that the 3STATE platform keeps on innovating! During the Stationspark project, for instance, the Superman-button was born. The button makes it possible to sort of “fly” around the project, instead of merely walking through it. In that way, you can virtually inspect the building from every angle, even before the first stone has been laid.

Want to innovate together?

Working together with 3STATE really means working together. With the 3STATE platform, you can visualise and promote architecture in an innovative manner. But we also like to keep innovating and therefore we listen very closely to the input of our clients. That is how we keep on innovating together.

Are you also interested in architecture visualisation with the 3STATE platform? Contact us to inform about the possibilities or make an appointment for a demo on your location.